Tuesday May 23 , 2017

Campaign for Smart Transport Planning

Inchicore on Track is a campaign of The CIE Residents Association, a long established organisation that represents the residents of The Inchicore Railway Estate.
Inchicore On Track is a community campaign aimed at achieving a proper Planning Framework and a real and meaningful consultation process in relation to the proposed extension of the Dart Underground Project to Inchicore.

The DART Underground development could be one of the most inspiring and civically-beneficial projects of the last number of decades if properly-planned in true partnership with the city and the community. We are requesting four simple acts of good faith from Irish Rail and the City:

Enter into a full Community Consultation Process and provide technical assistance and advice to the community – in keeping with best practice guidelines nationally and internationally.

Re-evaluate and refine the existing Underground Proposal in ways that would minimise the impact on the community and yet be delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Develop a Master Plan for the proposed Dart Stationin the context of the needs of the the estate and the  needs of the wider Inchicore area.
Adopt a partnership approachto the above Master Plan in which Iarnród Éireann, Dublin City Council, CIE Residents Association and other nominated bodies would work together to realise common purpose, properly-conceived, beneficial and time-efficient outcomes for Iarnród Éireann, Inchicore residents and the city.

The Inchicore Railway Estate

Originally built in the mid nineteenth century for railway workers and their families The Inchicore Railway Estate now has approximately 240 homes.It is integrated with the local Inchicore Railway Engineering Works, and together they form a remarkable example of nineteenth century industrial planning and vernacular architecture. It has survived largely intact, giving a strong sense of community. This area is of national importance in heritage and conservation terms and in relation to the history of modern transport infrastructure in Ireland.
“A railway community for good railway solutions”

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